Bucket List


As I was doing ultimate bucket list research, there were a lot of items on other people’s lists that I have done and accomplished. But there are still so many things I want to see and do in this world. Here’s my running list of things I have not done yet:

  1. Visit Hamilton, New Zealand
  2. See the 7 Natural Wonders of the World
    1. Mount Everest in Nepal
    2. Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe
    3. Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA
    4. Great Barrier Reef in Australia
    5. Aurora Borealis
    6. Paricutin volcano in Mexico
    7. Harbor of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil
  3. Play travel roulette
  4. See the Rainforest
  5. Fold 1,000 origami cranes
  6. Las Olas surf safari in Mexico
  7. Live in Ireland
  8. See all 50 states
  9. Be able to do a yoga headstand
  10. Run a 10k
  11. Go sky diving
  12. Take a hot air balloon ride
  13. See the Game of Thrones locations
  14. Visit the Plaza de España in Seville, Spain
  15. Visit the Palace of Caserta in Italy
  16. Visit Tunisia
  17. Take the London Harry Potter tour
  18. Take a volunteer vacation
  19. Join a Civil Rights Rally/ March
  20. Publish a book
  21. Do a TED talk
  22. Take a wine tour of Italy
  23. Take a long weekend in Paris
  24. See the 7 Modern Wonders of the World
    1. Chichén Itza, Mexico
    2. Christ the Redeemer Statue, Brazil
    3. Colosseum, Italy
    4. Taj Mahal, India
    5. Great Wall of China
    6. Petra, Jordan
    7. Machu Picchi, Peru
  25. Perform at an open mic night
  26. Read 2,000 books or more
  27. Be a bridesmaid in a stranger’s wedding in Vegas
  28. Break a world record
  29. Work in a bed and breakfast
  30. Work on a dude ranch
  31. Work on a vineyard
  32. Work on a cruise ship
  33. See the Festival of Light in Thailand
  34. See the Fairy Penguin Parade
  35. Go on an African safari
  36. Take a boat ride through the Everglades
  37. Travel by train across America
  38. …..