Shows Over Bros

Remember when watching shows happened nation wide? Those big moments that happened on the small screen would make their way into water cooler conversations across the country. TV used to be enjoyed together. Not that I’m complaining about Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. I love being able to watch at my leisure with limited/ no commercials to interrupt my viewing. But there is something to be said about sharing the story telling experience with others.

Enter #ShowsoverBros. Every Tuesday and Thursday, my fellow blogger, Cristina from The Littlest Fowler, and I binge-watch a show together and live tweet. Currently we are watching One Tree Hill. Come watch with us using the hashtag: #ShowsoverBros


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#ShowsoverBros One Tree Hill live tweeting

Other shows we look forward to watching in the future…Dawson’s Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The West Wing, Fringe, Felicity, Lost…basically any show that has already ended and we can easily binge-watch on Netflix together.