Lessons I Learned from NY Comic Con 2011

Lesson 1: “There’s always a bigger fish”

In my head I’m pretty much the biggest geek ever. I mean I own a lightsaber, I’ve been to 3 Star Wars conventions and I can quote the entire original trilogy word for word. Yeah… it’s safe to say that I’m a nerd and proud of it.

But I am inevitably out-geeked time and time again and it continues to baffle me. Weirdly enough.

At the midnight showing of The Phantom Menace, I wasn’t first in line like I had planned to be. I definitely didn’t get my tickets fast enough got that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book release party. And at NY Comic Con, I was consistently behind 30+ people for every panel I wasn’t interested in. Qui-Gon had it right “There’s always a bigger fish.”

Drawing Star Wars with Bonnie Burton and Katie Cook
Chris Hardwick, Felicia Day and Sandeep Parikh

One response to “Lessons I Learned from NY Comic Con 2011”

  1. I so wish i could go for a comic con!


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