The Wonderful Thing about Lizzie!

Who am I? What a leading question!

It could lead us to talk about my love for the Wonderful World of Disney. (After all, I spend a good amount of my time there!) It could lead us down a MCU rabbit hole…wanna talk Infinity Stones and multi-verse theories?

It could lead us to squee about Star Wars or Harry Potter or Jane Austen or Buffy the Vampire Slayer or more recently…Outlander!!

I guess the most important thing to know is that each time I think I have something figured out…I find I’m only just in the middle of another chapter of my life and the lesson hasn’t even come around yet. And that’s ok too!!

5 thoughts on “The Wonderful Thing about Lizzie!

  1. Hello Liz. My name is Tom Green and I work for Titan Books.

    Next month we’re releasing The Aylesford Skull, the first new steampunk novel in over twenty years from one of the genre’s founding fathers, James P Blaylock. I was just wondering if you’re interested in receiving a review copy to feature on your blog.

    If you’d like additional details about the release, I can be reached at

    Thanks very much,



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