Here’s what you need to know about me…



While I do consider Star Wars my main course fandom, there are plenty of loves to choose from. Marvel, Disney, Buffy, Jane Austen, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, LOTR…the buck really doesn’t stop when it comes to fandoms. What do you love?



Fun fact: I studied fashion design at Florida State University with big dreams of moving to New York City and starting my own fashion label…that is not what happened. But what remained of that big dream is my love of fashion. Experimentation is the name of the game and as far as I’m concerned, fashion is personal and never, ever wrong!!

(unless you’re wearing a scrunchy right now…you aren’t, are you?)



Sure, nerd + fitness are not two words that have traditionally gone together. According to every 80’s movie, those are opposites. But I’m here to tell you they aren’t. Fitness is not just about the body, it’s about the mind, the spirit and the life. And yeah, I like to go for a run and try a new health smoothie. But I gave up weighing myself long ago and if I’m gonna try a fitness program, I’m gonna be the one to make the rules. For example!!



And last, but by no means least, I am a woman of faith! I believe that my love of Jesus Christ translates into everything else I do in and with my life. So if you see my Jesus Freak flag flying, ask me why I fly it, cause I’d love to tell you.

Join me in using the hashtag #nerdslove and fill in the blank for yourself. There is no right answer! There’s just your answer.

What you love matters. What you love makes you a nerd!

Liz Nerd in the City blogger

So fly your geek flag high!!

Hi! I’m Liz. And I’m a nerd.


If you are interested in contacting me, please email:

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5 thoughts on “Me!

  1. Hello Liz. My name is Tom Green and I work for Titan Books.

    Next month we’re releasing The Aylesford Skull, the first new steampunk novel in over twenty years from one of the genre’s founding fathers, James P Blaylock. I was just wondering if you’re interested in receiving a review copy to feature on your blog.

    If you’d like additional details about the release, I can be reached at

    Thanks very much,



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