Remember when I got rabies?

Ok, so tonight I’m sitting with my Bible study group at the Sony Building on Madison Ave. And there was this homeless woman who we started chatting with. Asking her if we could pray for her, finding out her story, etc.

As she walks by me she grabs my shoulder like she’s gonna massage it or something. But instead of that she digs her nails into me and yanks up. Essentially scratching the hell out of my shoulder. Come to find out she thought I had stolen her boyfriend who lives up in Syracuse. Never mind that I’ve never met this woman in my life and have never been to Syracuse. I just have one of those “I probably stole your boyfriend” kinda faces, I guess.

You always think you’re gonna go all bad-ass on someone who does that to you. Punch their lights out, scream and shout. But I just froze. She wasn’t in her right frame of mind, what was I gonna do? Hit her? I was too busy worrying about whether I had contracted rabies or the Zombie virus to even really react. Because not 20 minutes before she was walking around talking about how she had rabies and all. Ease my mind!

Only in New York!!

But on a serious note, say a prayer for Judy. For all we know she desperately needs some good prayer!


One response to “Remember when I got rabies?”

  1. You are a brave woman! So glad that you were safe and wish I had acted differently! But will definitely pray for her 🙂


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