10 Things I Love!

So I realized that I spend a lot of my day being pissed off at things in this city. I hate pigeons. I hate slow people. I hate mean people. I hate gross guys that hit on me. I hate wet sidewalks. It’s pretty gross and negative of me! I decided to take action against these hateful thoughts and make Mondays… 10 Things I Love Mondays.

These will not be in order necessarily, just a random choosing of things that I really love. And there are way more things I love than hate. So here goes….

1. The smell of new books.

2. Mini cans of Sprite.

3. Going to a movie in the afternoon by myself.

4. Purple ring pops.

5. Making snow angels.

6. Rhett and Scarlett’s first kiss.

7. Home games at Doak Campbell stadium.

8. Valentine’s from my Grandma.

9. The jokes on packages of Laffy Taffy.

10. Folding origami with my family at a restaurant.

Take a minute and think of the things you love. Try to dwell on the positive at all times. Even when you get stuck behind a really slow person and have somewhere to be. Trust me, it’s worth it!

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