It’s such a weird feeling to be far away from home when some big disaster is occurring.
This is officially the 3rd time it’s happened to me.

The first time was back when Hurricane Charlie demolished my childhood home, with my parents and brother still in the house. (They survived!!) But the house didn’t. I was away at college. And while this disaster did affect me I was still detached from the situation because I wasn’t on the front lines, with my family, where I belonged.

The next missed disaster would be the blizzard that hit New York two winters ago. Flights were cancelled, work was missed and all my friends were left in the cold while I worked on my Florida tan.

And finally Hurricane Sandy. 6 scheduled flights cancelled in a hopeless attempt to reach home. All of my friends and New York family suffering through this together. And here I’ve been enjoying some unexpected vacation time.

Now… don’t for a second think I’m missing the blessing of not having to go through these hard times. Hurricanes… been there plenty of other times. Hard times… no lack of those. So the blessing of being out of the fire is not lost on me at all!! All I mean to say is… it’s an odd place to be. On the outside looking in. A very odd place.

But my thoughts and prayers are with those currently ‘walking through the fires’ or this most recent disaster, even if my hands aren’t. Be safe New York & New Jersey… I’ll be home soon.

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