What is wrong with me?

Sometimes, despite my better nature and good intentions, I can be a real B!
For example… I got off the bus from Jersey at Port Authority in NY and this normal, nice guy approached me. He said he’d noticed me on the bus and wondered if I took it into the city regularly. (Which I do.)
Then he introduced himself and said he really hoped I was single, so he could ask me out.
You all know the answer to the ‘am I single’ question by now. A resounding YES!

But instead of giving this poor schmuck a chance, evil Liz reared her ugly head and straight up lied.
‘No, I’m not single.’ But thanks for embarking on mission impossible… asking me out on a date. Few have managed that difficult task and fewer have succeeded in garnering a date.

In hindsight I really want to applaud this guy for taking initiative. It’s one of my main complainta about the 21at century man.
So to recap… he wasn’t creepy, he approached me and he was nice. I mean, those are some excellent qualifications.
So I ask the 10 million dollar question….

2 responses to “What is wrong with me?”

  1. Martha Virginia Spivey Avatar
    Martha Virginia Spivey

    You want to the be one who chooses? rather than is chosen?


  2. I must say we all have our days. Today was one for me. You never know, you may have a second chance to be nice. Just recognizing it is a step forward. If you see him again you maybe can apologize. It might make you feel better.


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