So… I never saw the movie Newsies when I was younger. I didn’t grow up loving it. For some reason I just missed out on it. I blame my parents (it’s their job to introduce me to the important things in life!!)

It’s especially wrong because I have a deep and abiding love for musicals and for all things Disney.

Well 2 weeks ago, my dear roomate sat me down and had a Newsies intervention. And I immediately made up for all those Newsies-less years with immediate obsession.
And last night we went to see the show on Broadway.
Continue the obsession!!

From the music to the high-flying leaps to the sick tap number to the geniusly rewritten love story. It was true Disney magic!
And Corey Cott was remarkable as the charasmatic leader of the pack, Jack Kelly.







Seize the day, nerds!!

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