The Host

I went to see The Host last night. This is a movie based on the book of the same title from author Stephanie Meyer, of Twilight fame.


I had read the book prior to this, a few times (it’s a good book!!) And I am very happy to report that this movie is a near perfect representation of the book. From the actors to the settings to the general tone.


As a fan of Twilight and Stephanie Meyer (hate me if you must) I was nervous going in, because the first Twilight was a big ole let down. But this movie holds up!!


And of course… Meyer loves her love triangles. Though in The Host, it’s more of a misshapen love square.

Just go see it. If you enjoy alien invasion, action, and a dystopian existence… you’ll like it.

2 responses to “The Host”

  1. I am (slightly) ashamed to admit that I’m (again) slightly tempted to go see this movie. Supernatural/Sci-Fi/etc., type flicks are always going to fall in my wheelhouse…and I’m also easy to suck in with good trailers (Imagine Dragons as a music choice in a trailer gets thumbs up from me).

    When/if I end up seeing it depends how soon I find the time…since I have to go see G.I. Joe first.


    1. you should see it!! It was really good. Also read the book. I know that because Stephanie Meyer’s has the teen stigma about it, but seriously it’s good!!


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