Read This: Plague Town & Plague Nation

If you enjoy zombie fiction, then you will like this series by Dana Fredsti. Starting with Plague Town.


Essentially, the zombocalypse (Ashley Parker’s moniker for the zombie epidemic) has struck, unbeknownst to the population of, Redwood Grove.Ashley Parker and her boyfriend Matt are attacked and instead of turning into a zombie, Ashley finds herself flung into a group of people known as ‘wild-cards.’ (Boyfriend Matt isn’t so lucky.) A group of people who, once bitten, have an immunity to the virus and what’s more, develop certain super powers making them the perfect zombie fighting unit.

Ashley is equal parts, katana-swinging, bad-ass and angsty, girlie girl. Thanks to an attraction to her team leader and captain, Gabriel.


Plague Nation picks up where Town leaves off. The virus has spread thanks to a well intentioned flu vaccine. And the team is forced to travel outside the small town they know and fight the undead on a larger scale.

Dana Fredsti pays homage to most prexisting zombie lore. Including  many references to The Walking Dead. Even so, she manages to make her own rules and yet stay true to what we already know of zombies. Things like taking out a zombie’s brain and the call of a zombie attracting other zombies, are present. She uses twists like the ‘wild-cards ‘ to create a universe all her own.

I can’t wait to read the next in the series.

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