For the Love of the Game


I LOVE FSU football! I wasn’t born into it. I earned the garnet and gold blood that I bleed. I walked the hallowed halls and I stood in the stands and I cheered the highs and the lows.


I know… a nerdy girl who loves football? Unheard of! But yes. That’s me. Football lovin’ nerdy girl. And here’s why…

There is no feeling quite like that of watching your team take the field in the remaining 2 minutes of a title game and them just bringing it home. Legs were numb. Heart was pounding and hope was apple-pie-in-the-sky high!!

And we did it!! (as we all knew we’d do it.)

Florida State Seminoles

For the love of the pig skin. For the love of 97 yard running touchdowns. And the love of a really satisfying quarterback sack. For the love of turnovers at the exact right moment and an excellent passing game. For the love of FLORIDA STATE FOOTBALL!! We are unconquered. The undefeated force. We are the Florida State Seminoles and we are the champions!!!!!


One response to “For the Love of the Game”

  1. That game was ridiculous. I’ve already talked to several people who shut it off with two minutes to go in the fourth quarter. Suckers.


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