So… This Happened

Hello lovely nerds.

As some of you may or may not know, I have decided to turn my various tragic dating tales into a Web Series. And today is launch day!! All content will be available on You Tube and here on the blog as well. I hope you enjoy it and check back every Tuesday for a new episode!

Also check back on other various social media platforms. Including:

Facebook, Twitter, InstagramPinterest, LookBook and Google+

Thank you to every one who has helped me with this project! It’s been so amazing and fun. That’s all a single, nerdy girl could ever ask for!

Thanks to:

Cristina Fowler

David Fowler

Beck and Lint Hutchinson

Jeremy Twachtman

Tiffany Kalevik

Sarah Melot

Laura Commins

Danielle Beckmann

Erin Ellis

Amanda Humphrey

Brea Carlson

If I’ve forgotten anyone, I will add them later!! Too excited to think. EEEEK!

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