We’ve Got the Power

The power of Greyskull!!
Ok no, not the power of Greyskull. I wanna discuss the power of social media. That weird and wonderful animal that our world seems driven by these days. It’s both trivial and relevant if that contradiction can even exist.

But when strangers reach out via Twitter asking you to pray for them. Or connect to tell you, “I felt alone till I saw what you posted.” Or even close friends you’ve known for years share parts of themselves they never did before. Then it makes it seems like there could be a very real and amazing purpose for tweets and pins and vines and posts and blogs and all the social media we have yet to discover.


There is a danger. There are sad and unfortunate people who want to take something positive and make it ugly. Like the people who harassed Zelda Williams off of Twitter. Or the scumbags who released nude photos of some of our favorite actresses. Or the useless trolls who spread negative comments like peanut butter and all because they can.
I want so much for social media to be a means of connection not of alienation. I want it to be a super power we don’t even realize is mighty.

Maybe in our future we will learn to use it correctly. And become more powerful than we can possibly imagine… together as a nation, as a tribe, as a race of human beings all striving to be known.
So, if you don’t know me very well, and you have any reason to want to, reach out! Call on me. Ask me to pray for you. Give me dating advice (God knows I’ll need it.) Post and share and tweet me up. I wanna know who you are. If we aren’t using these mediums to connect and get personal, then we’re doing it wrong!! Meet you in the webisphere. I wanna see you there.


Liz Tailor

2 responses to “We’ve Got the Power”

  1. Very thought provoking. Fb can be annoying sometimes. However prayer request I get thru it is pretty cool.


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