Excuse me, Mr. President


Happy President's Day fictional Presidents' blog post

There are a lot of truly great Presidents who have been elected to run our great nation. But, in honor of President’s Day, I’m counting down the my favorite fictional Presidents that TV and the movies has to offer. It’s much easier to be a fictional President. And more people like fictional Presidents sometimes than the real dudes who have held office. It’s not easy running a nation. And these men had the benefit of fictional situations and truly great script writers to make them sound smart and accomplished and knowledgeable. The real guys have it much harder. Have you ever seen those before and after pictures? The weight of governing America is not an easy burden to bear. I think we, the people, forget that sometimes.

But here are my favorite fictional Presidents. Men who have the weight of script memorization on their shoulders!

#1: President Andrew Shepherd

#2: President Thomas J. Whitmore

#3: President James Marshall

#4: President Josiah Bartlett

#5: President Fitzgerald Grant

#6: President David Palmer

#7: President Laura Roslin

 #8: President William Harrison Mitchell

#9: President Tom Beck

This list begs the question…why hasn’t Tom Hanks played a President yet? Or better yet, he should run in real life. He’s the most likable dude on the planet. That has to count for something right! 😉

Happy President’s Day! Who’s your favorite Prez…real or fictional?


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