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I have always loved giving and receiving mail. To mark holidays and milestones, to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, or even just to send a note of love or encouragement any old time of the year!
But it’s the end of the year that sees an extraordinary number of card sending occasions. For me, Christmas is the biggest card sending holiday on my calendar. Even above individual birthdays, it’s the one time out of the year when I seem to remember to get them out on time and I really try to be intentional about sending love and cheer via snail mail to every person in my address book.
Thanksgiving and New Year’s, however, are 2 adjacent holidays when I often think to myself, “Wouldn’t it be nice to send everyone a note of thanks or a new year’s wish?” But every year, I don’t. In all the holiday hubbub, they get forgotten and I end up sticking to only sending out Christmas cards.
To be honest, I didn’t know how I was gonna feel about sending e-cards. I”m a tactile person and part of what I love about mail is writing silly little notes, adding hearts around my name and the recipient’s, maybe adding some drawings or a bunch of stickers or some glitter to add flare. It’s designing the details that makes the card sending experience so personal!
But…I’m happy to report that Paperless Post offers some really fun ways to make your cards personal. From font choice, to envelope liner pattern, to color of paper. You can put a customized stamp on it for a little extra mail whimsy. They have even partnered with some great designers like Rifle Paper Company, Anthropologie, Sesame Street, Crane & Co., and Jonathan Adler, to name a few.
Like I said, Christmas is (for now, at least) reserved for physical mail. Mainly cause I love to send glitter!! But I found Paperless Post to be the perfect solution for Thanksgiving and New Year’s! And…
Confession…I am terrible at getting birthday cards out on time. So I took the extra step while I was giving Paperless Post a try and scheduled a bunch of birthday e-cards throughout the year! There’s no harm in doubling up on sending out the love to those I love!

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