When “What If” Becomes “What Is!”

It started on a whim. My business partner, Cristina…co-collaborator…partner in crime…woman about town…collator of my chaos, and I had been dreaming of London for ages.

She’d had it on her vision board for a few years in a row, and I’ve always wanted to go back and see it with adult eyes (a story for another time!)

So when she said, “This year will be the 5th anniversary of Pairings Retreat,” (A creation I will share more about later.) I said…”LONDON!! WHAT ABOUT LONDON!! SHOULD WE GO TO LONDON!?!?!”

We mused about it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful. What if…what if…what if. And then, one day $150 one-way tickets to London came across our field of vision. And when I say came across, I mean we’d set up all kinds to find cheap flights in the hopes that dream would become reality.

On this day….Google said, “Sure! I can prop the door open for you.” My philosophy is all one-way tickets all the time! I’ll figure out the return tomorrow, but today, let’s just book it! $150 is a great price to spend on a dream.

Cristina doesn’t tend to travel this way. But sometimes I rub off on her in a good way. So she said, “Yes!” And I said, “Yes!” And before we knew it we had tickets to London!!!

Forget what might happen tomorrow. Forget about return tickets and time off work and expired passports. Because today was celebration day!! Booking something like this felt like a really big win! Especially after the years we’ve all been through!

So we took the win and started dreaming, but the kind that has potential to be really, truly real! Not all dreams have that, but this one did!!!

So…we went to London!!!

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