The Hugh Jackman Effect

I saw The Wolverine yesterday. And may I just say ‘Ummmmm…!!!’ Wait I meant ‘Yum!’ I didn’t know a man could have so many abs!!

Hugh Jackman has reportedly said that as long as Marvel wants to use him as Wolverine, he’s in. And I have to say, thank God! Cause he is goood.

I’d pretty much see anything he is in. From Kate & Leopold to Les Miserables. From X-Men to more X-Men. The man is bankable. Obviously Hollywood has figured this out already. Good on them!

Now, listen, was the movie fairly predictable? Yes. Was it fully entertaining? Absolutely. Was Hugh Jackman ripped and shirtless? Duh! Plus there was a little surprise in the credits. Stay for the credits. For pete’s sake if you are watching a Marvel movie…STAY FOR THE CREDITS!!!
At this point, if you leave, you have no one to blame but yourself. It’s Marvel… sit back down.

All in all very enjoyable entry in the franchise. Worth a watch.

The Wolverine -Trailer

This is a completely different Wolverine than we are used to seeing. And I am pumped!!!

Check it out here: The Wolverine official trailer