Table For One…

I’m a single girl in the big city. Have been for all 5 and a half years that I’ve lived here. And before that…. well, I was a single girl in the country.

One thing I’ve learned is that people are rarely satisfied with single being your status quo. They mean well, of course. And I know that the truth is that they’ve found happiness in coupledom and only want that kind of happiness for me. It’s sweet. It’s even moderately appreciated. It’s unnecessary.

But they tend to persist and insist. Never stopping to cease and desist. So needless to say… I’m used to it. From everyone.

But at some point I took a deep look and realized my life is pretty funny when it comes to men and dating and sundries. And the stories I have to tell ought to be shared. So stay tuned for the sharing of my crazy adventures into the realm of male interaction. It’s been a scene so far!

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