Now that’s romantic!

As a modern woman who knows only of romance via TV and movies, the smallest gesture becomes monumental. Because the truth is that we (modern women) are so rarely exposed to gestures of the romantic persuasion.
And it would be so simple, men! So simple to impress us. So easy to knock our socks off. The opening of a door. The pulling out of a chair. It doesn’t take much. I promise.

Take this man’s gesture for example. I was on the train the other day and there was this younger couple that got on and sat down across from me. The man pulled a magazine out of his bag. While the woman had apparently left her reading material at home accidentally.
And as any frequent subway rider knows, it’a no fun without a little distraction.
The man seeing that she was without distraction, ripped his magazine right in half and gave half to her.
Now… that’s romantic!!!

One response to “Now that’s romantic!”

  1. That IS romantic. Also crazy. They could’ve just shared the magazine! Or he could’ve read it to her.

    The sad thing in NYC is that so often we can’t accept a romantic gesture without feeling preyed on. I think men do make an effort to be gentlemen-like, and so often NYC women turn it down because we think they’re trying to hit on us or they have ulterior motives.


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