Brand New Epsiode

Previously on So…This Happened… And now… Episode 39: PDA Menace Starring: Liz Tailor Ethical Closet: Sponsored by: (Click here for more information on our sponsor: Licensure Exams) For more information on the companies we partner with and what they stand for CLICK HERE, and for more on the fashions and where to get them CLICK HERE. Check back every Tuesday forContinue reading “Brand New Epsiode”

5 Fandom Friday

5 Things I Like About Winter Today’s 5 Fandom Friday, brought to you by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick are things you like about winter. This is a tough one for me. I actually hate winter with a deep, fierce passion! It’s mean and cold and it’s just brutal trying to get aroundContinue reading “5 Fandom Friday”

Once Upon a Comic Con

Stepping off the subway at 34th and Broadway, you can sense in the air that this is not your typical Thursday in New York City. Something special is going on. Those in the know are aware of what that something is. But the lay people of NY may be confused by the sight of Gandalf theContinue reading “Once Upon a Comic Con”

Now that’s romantic!

As a modern woman who knows only of romance via TV and movies, the smallest gesture becomes monumental. Because the truth is that we (modern women) are so rarely exposed to gestures of the romantic persuasion. And it would be so simple, men! So simple to impress us. So easy to knock our socks off.Continue reading “Now that’s romantic!”