Brand New Epsiode

Previously on So…This Happened… And now… Episode 39: PDA Menace Starring: Liz Tailor Ethical Closet: Sponsored by: (Click here for more information on our sponsor: Licensure Exams) For more information on the companies we partner with and what they stand for CLICK HERE, and for more on the fashions and where to get them CLICK HERE. Check back every Tuesday forContinue reading “Brand New Epsiode”

Subway PDA: public menace or personal weight loss program?

Let me start by saying that I am joyously, happily single. And glad to be so. So just know, right off the bat, that Public Displays of Affection DO NOT illicit feelings of jealousy, envy or longing in me. But rather the intense feeling of my just eaten meal resurfacing in my throat. Seriously, I’mContinue reading “Subway PDA: public menace or personal weight loss program?”