What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Have you ever had a job that was hell? But you stayed longer than you should have? And when you left you sort of felt like you’d finally gotten out of a really terrible war?

If you know me, then you know the job I’m talking about. If  you don’t… then ask me about it sometime and I’ll tell you some stories.

That being said, I had a reunion with some of the girls I worked with at this hellish place. And it felt exactly like a bunch of war veterans getting together and reliving old war stories.

People who’ve never worked there have no clue. And people who actually  like it are in a bit of denial or just plain can’t escape. Sort of like prisoners of war.

I have to stay that these survivors, friends, comrades know me in a way that most others just don’t know. It’s not their fault. They can’t know… they weren’t there. They didn’t experience the horrors of war. And therefore they just don’t know.

Some of these women I haven’t seen in years, but it was like we were back in the trenches. Friends in arms.

There’s a character that is built in trying times. When your mettle is tested. And when that trial is over you go back to normal, fold yourself out of crash position and return to life as you know it.  But it’s in those tough times that you really see yourself. And being with the old gang again was a nice reminder of a part of me long forgotten.

So here’s to you, friends! And the things we saw when we were there. We made it out and no matter what happens in the aftermath we sure are stronger now!!



PS, I know war is so much worse than a well paying job!! But… you weren’t there.

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