From Skywalker to Solo

A Journey to Womanhood

There are many theories regarding when, exactly, a girl truly becomes a woman. Is it her first training bra, first period, the first time she has sex? I say ‘Nay!’ to all of that. I subscribe to the ‘Skywalker to Solo Theory.’

Here’s the what:
As I have mentioned many a time in the past, I don’t know when I saw Star Wars for the first time, but I was young. Young enough to not remember a time without SW in my life.


And…ok…see, when I was that young, little lassie watching Star Wars every other weekend, I have to admit, it was the sandy haired farmboy who caught my attention.


Maybe it was that tunic, those boots, the piercing blue eyes, the naivete.


Whatever it was… it called to my little heart.
In fact, my best friend, Tina, and I used to take turns trying to kiss the screen whenever Luke came on. (Word to the wise: if attempting this game, beware! If you try to kiss him while watching Jedi during the throne room scene, you will kiss the Emperor 50% of the time. And…Eww…gross!)

Alright, so fast forward to adolescence. Again, Star Wars was still viewed on the regular. In fact they were re-released in the theaters. Special editions. Causing all friends and family to make a pilgrimage to see them…many times… on the big screen. (At long last.)

It was somewhere in there, middle school I suppose, that things changed. No longer did Luke Skywalker capture my attention. I was all about that dashing rogue, that scruffy-looking nerf-herder, captain of the Millenium Falcon and captain of my heart!


Looking back I’m convinced this pivotal moment was the moment that I truly became a woman. When Han Solo became the epitome of everything a man should be. And I’ve never looked back!


One response to “From Skywalker to Solo”

  1. I’m seeing a theme… your last post was also about a “scruffy” rogue. 🙂


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