Yeah… It Matters

After seeing video after video of friends, family members, acquaintances and celebrities douse themselves in freezing water I thought it was the dumbest stunt I’d ever heard about. How was it gonna raise money if everyone chose the bucket over the donation. But that has not been the case!!

And in fact as of yesterday the ALS Association as already raised over $15.6 million dollars to fund ALS research and support. Considering last year at this time they only raised $1.8 million dollars… I’d say this crazy stunt is doing it’s job.

To me this goes to show the power of this community known as the human race when we band together. Even if it is to dump buckets of ice water on ourselves.

Isn’t the world a scary, bleak enough place? Can’t we all use a little fun every now and again!! Imagine what would happen if every month we, as a culture, chose a cause and threw our whole weight behind it. One cause at a time. Can you even imagine what we could do? So I propose that next month we try out Pie in the Face for Parkinson’s and see what we can do there as well.

Haters gonna hate (I was one of them) but do a little reading. Have a little fun with it and accept the challenge should it come your way!!! And definitely don’t forget to donate to the ALSA!!


Here’s my Ice Bucket Video!

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