Lizzie in Wonderland

Photo by Cristina Fowler

Wonderland indeed! More like Wonder-why-I-entered-into-this-Land. I feel like I’ve fallen down the Rabbit Hole. And just like Alice, I’m encountering my own menagerie of strange characters.

If you’ve been watching my web series on You Tube (Click Here) then you’d know that I am knee deep in a New Year’s resolution to try online dating. And so far it’s been wildly unproductive. All I’ve been matched with are a bunch of Tweedles. Men who think that the best way to talk to a woman is to say things like “Hey baby” and “I think I’m going to give up if you don’t talk to me.”

Photo by Cristina Fowler

True story. Someone actually sent me that message. What am I supposed to do with that? You’re giving up on dating? On me? On life???? Seriously!!! Online dating is exactly like a fairy tale. Except the story’s kinda scary and doesn’t have a happy ending and is full of really terrifying, evil fairies.

Photo by Cristina Fowler

It’s not that way for everyone and I even know that it won’t always be that way for me. Each connection is different. And I am proud of the fact that I haven’t let my past and current experience jade me from trying new ones. I like new adventures. I always have and I imagine I always will. But this Rabbit Hole is getting a little dark  for me. Where is my White Rabbit? My plucky Cheshire Cat? Hell, at this point I’d take the pipe smoking Caterpillar. Stick around. And let’s see how this fairy tale continues to go, shall we?

Photo by Cristina Fowler

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9 thoughts on “Lizzie in Wonderland

  1. I actually met my husband while online dating. Not actually through the dating site; he was a friend who decided that he wasn’t cool with me dating other people. 🙂 but I did meet some very nice and some very odd folks during my experience.

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    1. That’s great news!! I’m still giving it a try, but it’s weird. Hoping it gets a little better as I open myself to the possibilities!! I’m really trying. 😉


  2. Online dating is complicated, messy and worth it. I have met some awesome friends through online dating. I have also met strange people and been on a lengthy list of weird & horrible dates. You just have to stick with it and find the sweet spot.

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