Thursday Giveaway

Mint Bow Wrap Bracelet

Today’s Giveaway is brought to us by Jewel Be Mine and is featured in this week’s episode of my web series. (Click Here)


This week’s episode is about online dating. So to enter this giveaway, comment below with your thoughts on online dating. Successful venture? Total nightmare? What do you think??

Winner will be chosen next Thursday at noon. Thank you to everyone who entered last week’s Thursday Giveaway! Our winner is: Meghan Sara! Make sure to email me with your mailing address and I will get this out to you asap!! Thanks for entering.



Liz Tailor

4 responses to “Thursday Giveaway”

  1. I’ve never tried online dating, but the idea makes me a little uneasy! I’m incredibly shy and meeting strangers from online would make me paranoid (as most things do), hahahah.

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    1. Perhaps this would be a good way to try it. If you’re shy, are you able to meet people in real life easily? I surely have a hard time both ways and I’m not even shy… at all. 😉


  2. Yayyyy! email sent! I’m a winner!!! yippeeeeee!!!!

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    1. I haven’t gotten it yet. But i’m on the lookout. Maybe send it again for extra measure and thanks for entering!! 😉


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