Happy Galentine’s Day

Now for you lifetime members of the single ladies club, maybe you feel like this some years …

But allow me to offer an alternative to pining and whining about love and romance…










(nope… WordPress. That is not merely Valentine’s Day spelled wrong!)

Grab a gal pal and hit the town. Get your nails done, see a movie, eat very expensive brunch for 3 hours…whatever!

Sure… Galentine’s is technically on the 13th, but I do what I want and I wanted to celebrate it on Valentine’s Day! So celebrate I did.
And by now you should know that I don’t (can’t…won’t) do anything by half measure. So I took my dear gal friend and executive producer for an exciting Rom-Com “walking” tour of New York City. I put quotes around walking because it was freaking freezing out. So we really didn’t get much walking done.
But we celebrated like… not ladies… not girls… like gals! We celebrated like gals! And it was glorious.

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