Follow Friday

Happy Friday, social media lovers!! It’s time for more delicious selections from your favorite Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube, Vine-loving girl!!! AV Byte on You Tube Do you love musicals? How about original mini musicals? Cause that’s what AV Byte’s Antonius and Vijay have to offer! Check them out on You Tube for brand newContinue reading “Follow Friday”

Battle of the Darcy’s

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I wanted to take a look at one of the most romantic figures in all of literature…Mr. Darcy himself. I’m hard pressed to find anyone that matches up to this paragon of moral fiber. So instead of pitting people against him. I’ll pit him against himself and share some of my favoriteContinue reading “Battle of the Darcy’s”

Castle Corsetry

If you don’t know Deadpool yet, then you’re about to. The merc with a mouth is coming to the big screens on Friday. And Castle Corsetry is celebrating with their own line of Deadpool inspired fashion. From corsets to gym wear, they have something for everyone. Take a peak at this gorgeous collection… In honor ofContinue reading “Castle Corsetry”

Follow Friday

Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow Friday. A place where I share the cool things that I’ve discovered on social media and such. I love them and I want you to love them too. So I hope you enjoy today’s list!! Hamilton the Musical I have to tell you that I’m a more thanContinue reading “Follow Friday”

Happy Galentine’s Day

Now for you lifetime members of the single ladies club, maybe you feel like this some years … But allow me to offer an alternative to pining and whining about love and romance…     GALENTINE’S DAY!! (nope… WordPress. That is not merely Valentine’s Day spelled wrong!) Grab a gal pal and hit the town.Continue reading “Happy Galentine’s Day”

I Know the Good Stuff

I have been on exactly one real Valentine’s date in my entire life. I’ve been on plenty of V-Day dates with my girlfriends where we sit around and talk about how awesome we are all and how being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t all that bad. And I’ve spent plenty of Valentine’s Days watching actionContinue reading “I Know the Good Stuff”

My Nerdy Valentine

Do you have a nerd in your life that you want to send some love to? Do you have trouble speaking the same language as them? Try these nerdy valentine’s. No matter what their nerd persuasion is, they are sure to find appreciation in each and every one! For the Potter fans: For the LostContinue reading “My Nerdy Valentine”