3 Months till Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awaken


Are you ready yet? The big day is fast approaching. Any minute tickets will go on sale and fangirls and boys everywhere will begin camping out on street corners and handcrafting brand new Jedi robes to wear. It’s an exciting time in the life of a nerd.

I recently read an article that perfectly sums up what if feels like to be a modern Star Wars fan. Take a read.

With only 90 days till the big day, there is much to reflect on, much to geek out over, much to anticipate. A nerdy girl’s heart can only take so much excitement.


Here’s a little something I wrote on what Star Wars means to me:

What Star Wars Means to Me

by Liz Tailor

Star Wars means family.

Star Wars means longevity.

Star Wars means commitment and pure, unadulterated joy.

There is no recollection of a time without Star Wars. It has always been a part of my history and so shall it ever remain.

Star Wars is my deal breaker. My caveat. “You’ve never seen Star Wars??? Please leave this table right now.”

It’s so entwined in my personality I truly believe that people who don’t love it, or at the very least like it, have no hope of ever understanding me.

Star Wars means dreams.

Star Wars means hope.

Star Wars is proof that greatness can be achieved.

That’s a lot to put on a franchise of movies and TV shows and books and toys and stories. But there it is. It means all those things and so much more. I’d scale it back if I could, but I have an obsessive personality and I fell in love with Star Wars a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away and I’ve never looked back.

Screenshot_2015-09-17-09-26-24-1 (1)

What does Star Wars mean to you?

2 responses to “3 Months till Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awaken”

  1. Being born in 1978, Star Wars has also always been in my life. I never saw any of the original trilogy in the theaters during their original release (although I had seen them several times in re-releases), but I watched them on TV as a young boy with awe. It seems they were on often, but I also got to watch them through the original video on demand – a home recorded VHS tape. I never had any Star Wars toys, but I recall building my own TIE fighters and X-Wings from Construx (how is it that I never had Lego until I was an adult???). My love for the movies moved into a love for Star Wars games… particularly the X-Wing franchise. When I was in college my best friend offered to let me read a new book… I, Jedi. I had always been an avid reader, but for some reason never picked up a Star Wars book. Once I read I, Jedi, I was hooked and haven’t stopped reading Star Wars books since.

    Star Wars to me is simply enjoyment. Be it reading books or watching movies, it’s almost Zen for me. It’s calming, comfortable… home. I love being transported to that wonderful fictional place; pondering the literary, philosophical, political, or cinematic aspects; and seeing the enjoyment it brings others. In some of my darkest times, Star Wars has helped me cope. It’s a friend that is always there.

    December 18th isn’t too far away!

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    1. Yes!! I love this. Star Wars means friendship. Love it, Tim!!!


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