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Where are all the Princes?

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Today I want to talk about Princes. From a young, young age, little girls are taught about the Princes. “Someday My Prince Will Come.” “Kiss a frog, you might find a prince.” I just want to ask, where are all these Princes?

Obviously America is not a monarch nation. So we don’t actually have any of the Princes over here. And while we know they do exist, what is the point of dreaming of Princes? Yes, if you dream it it can happen. Believe all things. Dream all things. I don’t believe in limiting the imagination. But I just wonder about this Prince thing. Is it purely an invention of the House of Mouse? Or have girls been dreaming of Princes for far longer than we know?

In Europe and many other nations, dreaming of Princes is definitely a valid thing. They have them over there. They’ve had them over there for a very long time. So it makes sense that little girls and little boys might dream of handsome princes. I’ve never been one to dream of Princes. Sure, I have my favorite Disney Princes (we’ll get into that later.) But it was never an actual dream of mine to marry a Prince. If the Princess Diaries and The Prince and Me taught us anything, it’s that Princessing is really hard work. I’d have to fall hard for a Prince to want to take up a crown.

But, just for fun, let’s take a look at the Princely options today’s world has to offer. These are the, as yet, unmarried Princes.

Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoum of Dubai

Photo courtesy of A Fangirl’s Guide to Fazza

Hussein Bin Abdullah, Crown Prince of Jordan

Photo Courtesy of Europa Newswire

Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark

Photo Courtesy of

Prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein

Photo Courtesy of

Prince Sebastien of Luxembourg

Photo Courtesy of

Prince Albert of Thurn and Taxis

Photo Courtesy of

Prince Nicholas of Romania

Photo Courtesy of

Prince Joachim of Belgium

Photo Courtesy of

Prince Lorenzo Borghese

Photo Courtesy of

Prince Harry of Wales (Hubba, Hubba, if I’m being honest!)

Photo Courtesy of

Prince Azim of Brunei

Photo Courtesy of

Prince Royce

Photo Courtesy of

Prince (Farewell!! We miss you so!)

Photo Courtesy of

Personally, I’d pick Prince Royce out of all the Princes on this list. Which Prince would you let steal your heart?

8 responses to “Where are all the Princes?”

  1. Not a bad list, there’s not a Mr. Bean in the crowd. Great post!

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    1. Hahaha. Thanks! I think I need to make a Princess list so the menfolk know there are real Princesses to dream of. Do guys even dream of Princesses?

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      1. Not me, for me it was Phoebe Cates back in my younger days.

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  2. Love that Prince made the list. I love that he has Princestagram.

    I don’t know who Prince Lorenzo Borghese is, but I’m willing to move to Italy (?) to find out!

    Yay for Prince Harry! ❤

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    1. Lorenzo was actually a bachelor. Season 9. So funny! He’s not an heir apparent. But he is still technically a Prince! 😉 and yes to Princestagram.

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      1. See, I’ve never watched The Bachelor! I was distracted by thoughts of Romen

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      2. I watched season 1 faithfully in college with my roommates and then never again! 😉

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      3. But I did find that info out in my strenuous eligible Prince research!

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