That Big Romantic A-ha Moment

I don’t think I have to tell you, at this point, that I’m single. But… I am. And the thing is, even if love did come around, I’m not quite sure I’d be able to believe it without (what I like to call) that Big Romantic A-ha Moment.
See, my problem is that, I watch way too many movies. And cheesy romantic comedies are a particular favorite. (So sue me!) And this romantic moment occurs in so many, if not all of them.
My choice favorite is the ‘long run.’ It’s when the leading man or leading lady finally realizes he or she is in love and can’t go another moment without telling the object of their affection. And then they proceed to run and run and run to tell that person.
It seems highly unlikely that this phenomenon occurs in actual reality, but my brain doesn’t care. It doesn’t know the difference.
I’m aware of this brain malfunction. But see Tom Cruise does it in Jerry McGuire. Billy Crystal does it in When Harry Met Sally. Ryan Reynolds does it in The Proposal. It can even be found in TV. Friends, How I Met Your Mother and so on.
I’m not saying it’s normal or fair. But there you have it.

So… a message to the poor slob I’m going to marry one day. Whoever you may be. When you finally realize I’m the one…be it in the middle of an important meeting or while celebrating New Year’s Eve or just in the middle of eating a really great sandwich…and you know in that moment you cannot live without me… RUN, do not walk, to me!
Throw that sandwich to the ground and just start running. Or else how will I ever know how you truly feel? Make it. easy on a girl and for the love of Pete, just run!!
I’ll be waiting.

One response to “That Big Romantic A-ha Moment”

  1. I don’t know. Some sandwiches you may just need to finish first. 😉


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