5 Fandom Friday


My Comfort Films

As usual, to pick only 5 is a very hard thing indeed. I have so many movies I love and find comfort in. But here are the 5 that I turn to the most.

#1 – Star Wars


Star Wars is my favorite of all! So naturally it’s what I turn to most. I put it on in the background when I have work to do. I sit down and avidly watch it and quote along on rainy Saturdays. I can always turn to Star Wars no matter what. And I know what you’re thinking. ‘Why are the prequels on here.’ Because I like them, that’s why! They may not be my favorites. They may not even be good. Who cares! When I say Star Wars I mean all of Star Wars. And every time I watch any of the Star Wars movies there is a comfort in the watching. There’s a feeling like I’m back home and safe and watching something I know word for word… all 6. Sure the original trilogy has something the prequels could never hope to reach, but that doesn’t lessen the fact that I like the prequels for what they are.

#2 – The Philadelphia Story


This has long been a favorite of mine. It has two of my very favorite actors of all time. Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn. And Jimmy Stewart is nothing to sneeze at either! It’s got some great lines like, “I’m such an unholy  mess of a girl.” or “I promise to be yar!” I was practically raised on black and white movies and there’s something romantic and enchanting about them. And this above all others is the one I go to when I’m in a mushy, romantic sort of mood. (Which happens more often then you might think!)

#3 – The Court Jester


This is an old family favorite. My brother and I must have watched this about 100 times when we were kids. So much that I have every song memorized. Humor is definitely my kryptonite. I love to laugh and this movie makes me laugh every time I watch, even though I know the jokes are coming. That’s the mark of a truly good comedy. The humor never gets old. Danny Kaye is a master at his craft and this is an example of some of his very best work!!

#4 – Muppet Treasure Island


Another family favorite. (There’s something to that!) You can never go wrong with The Muppets. They sing. They dance. It’s family friendly and it has Tim Curry, who is always amazing. This is another film that I have pretty much memorized from watching over and over again.

#5 – The Mirror Has Two Faces


This is one of my all time favorite romantic comedies. Barbra Streisand… Jeff Bridges. Need I say more. That’s enough to hook ya right there. It’s delightful. It’s romantic. It’s one of me and my mom’s favorite movies. And if you’ve never seen it, do yourself a favor and go rent it!! It’s a treasure.

What movies do you turn to for comfort? I wanna know!!

That Big Romantic A-ha Moment

I don’t think I have to tell you, at this point, that I’m single. But… I am. And the thing is, even if love did come around, I’m not quite sure I’d be able to believe it without (what I like to call) that Big Romantic A-ha Moment.
See, my problem is that, I watch way too many movies. And cheesy romantic comedies are a particular favorite. (So sue me!) And this romantic moment occurs in so many, if not all of them.
My choice favorite is the ‘long run.’ It’s when the leading man or leading lady finally realizes he or she is in love and can’t go another moment without telling the object of their affection. And then they proceed to run and run and run to tell that person.
It seems highly unlikely that this phenomenon occurs in actual reality, but my brain doesn’t care. It doesn’t know the difference.
I’m aware of this brain malfunction. But see Tom Cruise does it in Jerry McGuire. Billy Crystal does it in When Harry Met Sally. Ryan Reynolds does it in The Proposal. It can even be found in TV. Friends, How I Met Your Mother and so on.
I’m not saying it’s normal or fair. But there you have it.

So… a message to the poor slob I’m going to marry one day. Whoever you may be. When you finally realize I’m the one…be it in the middle of an important meeting or while celebrating New Year’s Eve or just in the middle of eating a really great sandwich…and you know in that moment you cannot live without me… RUN, do not walk, to me!
Throw that sandwich to the ground and just start running. Or else how will I ever know how you truly feel? Make it. easy on a girl and for the love of Pete, just run!!
I’ll be waiting.