Men! Listen up.

So Monday I shared a few steps that women can take to put themselves in the path of a hottie at church.

The truth of the matter is that, for the majority of us, that’s all we’ll ever do. Put ourselves in your path. 21st century be darned. Men need to step up. And Christian men especially!

So here you go:

Step #1: Attendance.
If there is a potluck, movie night, single’s picnic or what have you, chances are very good that the ladies will be there. The sad fact (for us women) is that at most churches, the women out number the men. In a major way. At my church it’s something like 5/1. And break that down into single’s terms and that ratio broadens. So start attending, for Pete’s sake! We are.

Step #2: Be Engaged.
Ok… not like the ‘will you be my wife’ engaged. What I mean is that women like men who are involved and interested. Taking notes, volunteering, serving, etc. Again, this is what all of us are doing. So give it a try. Because coming to the service, falling asleep and then dashing out before ‘amen’ is oh-so-not attractive!

Step #3: Enlist help.
Chances are, in your church, there are one or two married women who fancy themselves matchmakers. Meet these women and let them know you’re looking. Trust me. If you tell them you’re looking… you won’t be single for long. Plus those women know us and are already on the lookout. Make it easy on everyone involved!!

2 responses to “Men! Listen up.”

  1. I know who #3 is my church! 🙂


  2. My sister is certainly one of those married women looking to help. The pastor’s wife is usually a good option as well (or at least at my church)!


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