Surely You Jest

Sometimes I wonder if men are capable of making jokes without it being completely inappopriate and highly sexual.

Take Mr. “I’m-still-deciding.” So the next day, I guess he decided because he texted me. And here’s what happened.

Him – “are we fighting?”

Me – “who is this again?”

Him – “see… now you should have woken up on top of me with the windows open this morning.”

My brain – ” huh?”

Actual response – “umm… thanks but I’m just not that kind of girl.”

Him – “ugg… you took it the wrong way so clearly you are that kind of girl.”

Me – “ugg… I’m pretty sure there’s only one way to take that.” DELETE!

Men of the world! What gives. I mean, was it a joke I just didn’t get? And does it really help your cause to make me feel dumb? I’m just saying.

Humor is the way into my heart. (And eventually after a whole bunch of other stuff happens… my pants.) Always has been. And if you are truly funny and make me laugh, watch out. I may love you.
To you idiots who have no idea what a joke actually is and just uses stupid “jokes” about waking up in bed with me? Then “I’m not that kinda girl.” And you are a giant ass.

Just saying.

3 responses to “Surely You Jest”

  1. You are one smart girl and him not so smart. Keep strong.


  2. What other way is there to take that comment? What a putz.


    1. Thank you, Matthew!! Good to know some guys get it. 🙂


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