Just One Word


Welcome to the New Year! A time of reflection. A time to assess the year that’s passed. A time to start looking forward to the year to come. And, inevitably, a time of resolutions.

If you’re like me then you make long lists of things that need changing. Things that are wrong with you. Maybe it looks something like this:

-Lose that weight

-Get rid of my debilitating debt

-Be better at my job

-Take up a new hobby

-Eat better

-Be nicer

-Travel more

-Curse less

-Pray more

-Hurt less

Be this. Do that. Change, change, change!

Let me tell you. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t inspire. It only hurts.

So this year it’s time to try something different. (Brought to you by Roommate’s mom, Karen)

Pick a word. A word that inspires you. A word that you want to describe you. A word that will help you make some positive changes. A word you’d be proud to have someone say about you.

I’ve chosen BOLD.

I want to be bold in my relationships with people. I want to be bold in my aspirations. Bold with my big, wild dreams. Bold with my heart. Bold with my health. And perhaps if I attempt to create a bolder life, then maybe I will accomplish some of the goals that inevitably end up on my 5 page list of resolutions every year. And wouldn’t that be a better way to improve myself?

The truth is that I am exactly who I’m supposed to be. And the fundamentals need not be altered. I just need to start thinking the best about myself and the rest will follow.

What’s your word?

Surely You Jest

Sometimes I wonder if men are capable of making jokes without it being completely inappopriate and highly sexual.

Take Mr. “I’m-still-deciding.” So the next day, I guess he decided because he texted me. And here’s what happened.

Him – “are we fighting?”

Me – “who is this again?”

Him – “see… now you should have woken up on top of me with the windows open this morning.”

My brain – ” huh?”

Actual response – “umm… thanks but I’m just not that kind of girl.”

Him – “ugg… you took it the wrong way so clearly you are that kind of girl.”

Me – “ugg… I’m pretty sure there’s only one way to take that.” DELETE!

Men of the world! What gives. I mean, was it a joke I just didn’t get? And does it really help your cause to make me feel dumb? I’m just saying.

Humor is the way into my heart. (And eventually after a whole bunch of other stuff happens… my pants.) Always has been. And if you are truly funny and make me laugh, watch out. I may love you.
To you idiots who have no idea what a joke actually is and just uses stupid “jokes” about waking up in bed with me? Then “I’m not that kinda girl.” And you are a giant ass.

Just saying.