Star Trek Into Darkness

Warning: This post contains spoilers.

Star Trek Into Darkness is an amazing follow up to J.J. Abram’s 2009 Star Trek.

It has everything you want and expect from something holding the illustrious title of Star Trek. But at the same time… this ain’t your daddy’s Trek. It’s updated and modern in all the right ways with plenty of nods to the past we know and love.

I mean… there was a freaking Tribble. And Khan, the baddest of the baddies in the Star Trek universe. But the twists and turns that Abrams allows his updated franchise to take only help the story.



Adding to that are very strong performances from Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and most especially Benedict Cumberbatch from the BBC’s Sherlock.


It was long rumored that Cumberbatch would be playing the role of Khan, but rumor was deflected with the release of his character’s name, John Harrison. But have no fear… John is a smoke screen and Khan is very real, present and dangerous!

The music is stirring, the visuals are stunning and seeing the USS-Enterprise up on the big screen again never gets old!

J.J. Abrams keeps on delivering gold. The only question remains is if he will be continuing on with Star Trek in light of his helming the Star Wars behemoth. One can only hope that he can manage them both. Because while Star Wars is in very good hands (and that warms my heart,) Star Trek could suffer from his absence. And that would be a shame!

All in all… go see it. If you’re a fan on the originals or just like a thrilling action film, it has something for everyone and is wildly entertaining!!

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