My Last Words

Last night, after a delish-ful reunion with a certain red-headed roommate (who was gone from my life for 5 whole days. Wah!), at Lillie’s on W. 17th, we stopped to get a donut at Dunkin. Cause sometimes a girl just needs a giant cinnamon coffee roll (don’t judge me!)

So we’re walking and talking and eating, a difficult combo by the way, And just imagine the conversation taking place, if you will…. yeah, you guessed it. It was about Star Wars… what the hell else would we be talking about? In the middle of this convo, i start to choke on my coffee roll. And I said to Roommate, “If I die please don’t tell anyone that my last words were about Star Wars.” To which she replied, “I think your last words should absolutely be about Star Wars. It would be completely appropriate!”

And I couldn’t help but agree. My last words in this life should not be tearful goodbyes to my loved ones or final prayers up to the Lord. They should 100% be about the greatest movies ever made in this lifetime!! So I have decided what my last words will be.

“Han shot first!!!” (Am i right, nerds? Can I get an Amen!)

Han Shot First  by Fitz Fitzpatrick

Artwork by: Fitz Fitzpatrick

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