Brand New Episode

Episode 29: The F Bomber Starring: Liz Tailor, Daniel Berlingeri & Mike Moreno Ethical Closet (Click the links below): Sponsored by: (Click here for more information on our sponsor: Licensure Exams) For more information on the companies we partner with and what they stand for CLICK HERE, and for more on the fashions and where to get them CLICK HERE. Check backContinue reading “Brand New Episode”

Episode 4: Vagina Whisperer

Brand New Episode!

My Last Words

Last night, after a delish-ful reunion with a certain red-headed roommate (who was gone from my life for 5 whole days. Wah!), at Lillie’s on W. 17th, we stopped to get a donut at Dunkin. Cause sometimes a girl just needs a giant cinnamon coffee roll (don’t judge me!) So we’re walking and talking andContinue reading “My Last Words”

Oh! That’s Why I’m Single!!

Last weekend my 3 girlfriends and I went out for drinks at a usual haunt that we enjoy. One friend is married. One friend is practically engaged and one friend is single like me. She also happens to be my beautiful, nerdy roommate. Now, to clarify, we do not go out to these places trollingContinue reading “Oh! That’s Why I’m Single!!”

Don’t Even Bother

A couple weeks ago, Grace Kelle and I were out as usual. And we met these 2 guys. The one I ended up talking to was funny and nice and cute so I gave him my number. At the end of the night he (of course) invited me home with him. Promising all kinds ofContinue reading “Don’t Even Bother”

Ok, So Where Then?

After my post about the douchey married guy, my grandmother sent me a message expressing concern for me and encouraging me not to go to bars to meet guys. Let me assure you… I do not go to bars expecting to meet Mr. Right. I don’t even expect to meet Mr. Nice. But you neverContinue reading “Ok, So Where Then?”

The “Married” Guy

[Disclaimer: this is not a story for grandmas, moms, dads, brothers or the faint of heart. Shocking language is involved.] Went out with wingman… wingwoman… wingperson extraordinaire, Grace Kelle the other night. While shopping for a few good men (for me.) We stumbled upon a group of 4 guys. Two of them were brothers andContinue reading “The “Married” Guy”