Which Nerdy Hairstyle Is Your Favorite So Far?

I’d love your feedback on what you’ve seen so far. And what you’d like to see more of in the future. I’d love to hear your feedback and thanks for following!


12 responses to “Which Nerdy Hairstyle Is Your Favorite So Far?”

  1. Star Wars… When in doubt, that is always the answer.

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    1. I like where your head’s at!!!


      1. I’ve been contemplating a “sick day” Clone Wars marathon for just such a reason


      2. I support your decision!! I need to dive back in. I’m still on s.1.


      3. Oooo, I’m on S.3 and wish this was a series that never stopped. Seeing the background characters from the movies popping up… magic


  2. have you recreated any of the classic Star Trek hairstyles?


    1. I’ve only done Zoe Saldana’s Uhura. And Captain Janeway. I have other Star Trek styles on the list though. But some of those original series ones are really involved! I gotta try them for sure


      1. This is the one I was thinking about! I have a feeling it would require a wig….


      2. I totally have Yeoman Rand on my list, but every time she comes up, I get intimidated by the basket weave. But I really wanna try it sometime, but I think you’re right about the wig thing.


  3. I love her hair! I mean who actually thought up that style!?!?


    1. Some amazingly interesting person who thought a Yeoman on a starship would have time for that rigamarole everyday!


      1. Exactly! The same person whole decided that monk dresses and go-go boots were what women should wear when confronting alien races!


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