To Flirt or Not To Flirt… That is the Question!

If you’ve seen this week’s episode of my web series (Click Here if you haven’t), you’ll know just how bad I am at flirting. I think I used to be good at it long ago when I was younger and more easily affected by those tell tale butterflies in the stomach. A bat of the eye lash, a wave of the hand, subtle eye contact, using actual human people words. Yeah… it’s coming back to me.

2014-09-13 11.08.46

I don’t know when I started to forget how it all worked. Maybe I never really knew. It’s not like they teach a class in high school (but they really should.) And it’s not like your parents sit you down one day to impart the finer points when it comes to flirting. Most parents want you to never notice the opposite sex till you are old and gray. Especially fathers with their daughters.

2014-09-13 18.12.14

So, yeah. Maybe I never learned how to flirt. But I’ve seen enough movies to sort of make it up as I go along. And yet… A cute single guy enters the scene and I run and hide or turn into Suzy Business and get all formal with him. It’s quite the sight to behold. Anyone out there who knows me or has seen my series knows that I am no shy butterfly, no shrinking violet. I’m loud and independent. And I’m very good with people. Especially people who are female or unavailable. There’s no danger with lady friends. No danger with married man friends. But what exactly is the danger in a single man? What? No… I’m asking you,  What?


What could happen? I could like the guy? I could fall in love? I could get married? I guess there’s always the possibility of rejection. But that’s never been the thing that’s kept me on the bench. I guess the thought of someone coming along and changing my life is the scary part. I like my life. I’m good at my life and if someone came along and changed everything… maybe I wouldn’t be as good at it. I pride myself on being adventurous and outgoing. But throw the possibility of love and marriage my way and I turn into a little scaredy cat. A strange parallel universe version of my former self. Again… if you’ve ever seen it happen, you’d know it’s straight up strange. But I’m trying to get better. Not at flirting… that’s just hard work! But accepting the fact that if I do want to get married one day, and methinks I do, then I need to at least be open to possibilities whatever may come. Hey… I’m trying over here!


Are you good at flirting?? Wanna teach me how. 😉

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