30 Days of Nerdy Hair

Day 4 – Willie Scott

Today’s inspiration is Kate Capshaw’s Willie Scott from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Arguably the least favorite of Indiana’s Jones ladies. And hey… agreed. It’s Marion Ravenwood all the way home. But the girl had kinda boring hair. And Elsa… well she was a Nazi, so let’s agree that Nazi hair is out altogether. Willie had the hair and the costumes and she was flashy. As a young girl, I loved her. She annoys a little more now, but the nostalgia remains and so does the killer hair!!

With this style you need something that can mimic her hair piece. I went to Michael’s Craft Store and bought a spool of Christmas ribbon. It matches Willie’s dress and while not 100% accurate, it gives the effect.


Now the key to pulling this one off is texture and curl. I sort of pulled all my hair to the top of my head and then started pinning and clipping the ends down with the same bobby’s and clips I used for the Bantu Knots. And thanks to the Bantu Knots my hair had extra curl today!! After all that, I turned a length of the aforementioned ribbon into a pseudo bow and tucked it into the side. And VOILA!

Anything Goes

From the side and to get a better view of the Christmas bow in my hair…


Now Willie was a showgirl, so I threw on a little Dior lipstick to really finish the look off. Red is obviously the best choice for a ‘do like this!!!


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