30 Days of Nerdy Hair

Day 9 – Secretary Barbie

Today’s inspiration is Secretary Barbie. And come on… you can admit it. You played with Barbie’s way past the appropriate age. Wait… That was just me? Ok that makes sense!

Regardless, Barbie was one of my favorite toys growing up. Despite the argument against her (unrealistic body image portrayal, no good jobs, no underwear) I loved her. She was pretty and had cool clothes. I bought into it. Still do! But Barbie has come a long way from just being a secretary. She’s a teacher, a lawyer, a designer, a dolphin trainer, a mermaid, the list goes on. So here’s to you Barbie!

To start this off, I curled my bangs up as much as they would go. This was a bit difficult with mine because my bangs have gotten pretty long.


Next I made a little bump in my hair right behind my bangs and tied a classic black Barbie bow in there.


Next I fluffed up my ponytail and curled the pieces so it was very full.


Finally I put on a pink dress, pink lipstick and tiny bow earrings. Very Barbie!!



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