30 Days of Nerdy Hair

Day 24 – Betty Draper

Today’s inspiration is January Jones’ Betty Draper from Mad Men.

A surprise trip to Rome thanks to Don’s new Hilton business allows Betty to let out her inner Anita Ekberg—she drops in on a local hair salon in the Italian city to give her this Alexandre Paris–style towering bouffant, complete with rhinestone bow at its center. She pairs the elaborate coiffure with a seductive rope-y necklace, black strappy evening gown, and—a Betty Draper first!—a totally nude lip.

Start off with side swept bangs and a very high pony tail.


Then secure the end of the pony tail with a hair tie.


Flip the bottom of the pony tail up and under and secure it. Then create a tiny bow with a small strand of braided hair.


And then you are ready for a jaunt to the 1950/60’s.


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