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I know. I know. You don’t need a new show. You already have 7 that you just can’t miss. (Or is that just me?) But allow me to present to you Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. If Downton Abbey and Sherlock had a sassy love child, it would be Miss Fisher.

Meet Miss Phryne Fisher. Sassy, lady detective with a penchant for doing what she wants, when she wants and damn the consequences or danger! She is a modern women living in the 1920’s in upper class Australia. And she is truly fabulous from her clothes to her sleek bob to her devil may care attitude regarding convention.


Then there’s the very handsome and gentlemanly, Detective Inspector Jack Robinson. Love interest of Phryne who is constantly getting in the way of all Jack’s investigations causing the sparks to fly between them! Jack is a righteous man who always upholds justice, except when Phryne comes around and ruins all his efforts!



Next we have the adorable, budding romance between Phryne’s lady’s maid, Dot and Jack’s constable, Hugh. They are too precious for words. He’s a Protestant and she’s a devout Catholic. He’s a traditional man and she’s learning more and more about what it means to be a modern, independent woman. Which makes for adorable story!


The rest of the cast includes Cec and Bert, who are Phryne’s rough around the edges cabby’s who get the info from the rougher parts of town. Mr Butler who is Phryne’s butler, oddly enough. Aunt P is Phryne’s traditional high society Aunt who’s always shocked by Phryne’s shennanigans. Mac is Phryne’s lady doctor friend who throws convention to the dogs and helps Phryne when called upon. She also dresses in the most adorable pant suits. And finally Phryne’s ward, Jane. Taken in under Phryne’s roof along with Dot and any other young woman who may need some help.


In conclusion, this show is awesome and with only 2 series available on Netflix right now, it’s an easy binge watch. Give it a try and I dare you not to fall in love with it!

Thanks to my like-minded coworker, Emma for the recommendation!

9 responses to “Watch This Show!”

  1. This has been added to my list! I have been eyeing it for the last month but this post sealed the deal. I totally recommend you watch A Nero Wolfe Mystery series.

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    1. I”m so glad to hear it. You will looove it! And thank you for the suggestion! I love suggestions. I just took up Bomb Girls in absence of more eps of Miss Fisher. So I will be needing something else when that ends!!! and I’m in a Murder Mystery sorta mood now!

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      1. I have never heard of Bomb Girls, which is weird, because it is right up my alley! Is it good? I’m not in to shows that try to hard to make a topic super dramatic.

        And let me know what you think of Nero Wolfe! I have a feeling you’ll love it!


      2. It’s only 6 eps in season 1, 13 eps in season 2 and one ep in season 3. And it is really good. They tell a great story about the people involved in a time of real change for women. I’m only on s.2, but I’m really enjoying it. And I will definitely try Nero Wolfe next!!

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      3. Let me know what you think about Nero Wolfe! And I am excited to start Bomb Girls after I finish binge watching my favorite SciFi shows.

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      4. I can’t find Nero Wolfe on Netflix or Hulu. Do you know where I can watch it?


      5. I think you can get it on Netflix but only DVDs. I doubt they stream it. Amazon may have them.

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      6. Thanks, girl!! I’ll definitely look into it! I love new shows!


      7. You’re welcome! Me too!

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