30 Days of Nerdy Hair – Day 5

Day 5: Lagertha from Vikings

I have yet to delve into the wonderful world of the History Channel’s, Vikings. But it is a show that has been recommended to me over and over again (I promise I’ll watch it!!!) It’s no secret that I’m an easy sell when it comes to a new show. It usually takes about 25 mins for me to fall in love with a new series. (Except for Orange is the New Black. I gave that thing an 8 episode try and still hated it.) In the case of Vikings, all it took was Lagertha’s warrior hairstyles for me to know this was a show I wanted to watch!! Sometimes hair makes all the difference!


The great thing about Lagertha is that her warrior braids are always a little different so you can really have some fun with this! I watched a tutorial from the hair stylist on the show, Dee Corcoran. And she created this cool way of braiding backwards to create the looks for the show.


“When your time comes, you must lead with your hair not with your heart!”

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