Thrift Store Cosplay Day 11 Forrest Gump Tom Hanks fashion blog post

Thrift Store Cosplay Day 11 #MyFirstHanks

Thrift Store Cosplay fashion blogger nerd post Instagram challenge

Day 11: Forrest Gump

I think Forrest Gump was my very first Tom Hanks movie. Or at least the one I remember seeing first. They say you never forget your first Hanks…well, they should say that! Because Tom is a national treasure. He’s one of those actors that is beloved by all. And if you don’t like Tom Hanks, then I truly question your very moral compass. How are you living an upstanding life if you don’t like The Hanks?! I ask you that!

I mean…I even named my cat after the incomparable Mr. Hanks. Look at that little face…

Tom Hanks the human

Don’t you think all cats should be named after him? Who are we kidding…name the dogs after him too. Are you having a baby? Let me offer you the name Tom Hanks…girl or boy! First name Tom, middle name Hanks! What better namesake could there be? Just look at how happy my cat is to bear the name of Hanks:

Tom Hanks the cat

Ok, bad example. Tom Hanks, the cat, never actually looks happy. But I’ll bet he’s smiling on the inside, all because he’s named after the G.O.A.T…Thomas Jeffrey Hanks. And…actually Tom Hanks, the cat’s middle name starts with a J too, just like human Tom Hanks! But it isn’t Jeffrey, it’s Jamesfranco.

Alright, back to the cosplay. Here is my homage to one of human Tom Hank’s greatest characters:

Forrest Gump

Thrift Store Cosplay Day 11 Forrest Gump flat lay Tom Hanks fashion blog post


Which movie was your first Hanks? Let me know in the comments or meet me on social media!! #MyFirstHanks

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