Thrift Store Cosplay Day 17 Dorothy from Wizard of Oz fashion blog post

Thrift Store Cosplay Day 17

Thrift Store Cosplay fashion blogger nerd post Instagram challenge

Day 17: Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

Aside from being the 17th day in my Thrift Store Cosplay series, it also happens to be National Thrift Store Day. And I didn’t even plan it that way! August was clearly the month that this series was meant to be in!

To celebrate this occasion, I had a couple adventures today.

Stop #1: First up, a tour of my local Goodwill. At BlogHer 17 back in June, I happened upon a Goodwill table at the conference and met Dominik, who is Goodwill Central Florida’s Volunteer Director. Dominik invited me to one of their WOW Tours and also to an Inspiration Breakfast they’re having in September (which I will share with you when it happens!) And today was tour day! I don’t know if they planned it to be on National Thrift Store Day, but it was quite fortuitous!

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about Goodwill. And rather than give in to the chatter or let that influence me, I thought the best way to find out more information is to go directly to the source and learn about the company from within. I’ll be bringing you a lot more blog posts on what I’ve learned and am learning, but I want to say this…I used to shop fast fashion brands and I could no longer feel good about that decision given the waste, potential for human trafficking elements in production and general knowledge of shady practices in a lot of main stream fast fashion companies (if you want names…I can give you names!) Goodwill is a company that is doing great things in Central Florida and I can and do feel great about supporting them and I will continue to do so as I learn more about the company!! You can check out my Instagram story today and see the whole thread of my day!!

Stop #2: After my fun morning at Goodwill I stopped at OMG Thrift because they made me their Selfie Star of the Week and I won a free $10 gift card. So I went to pick it up. And will probably use that pretty soon, as free money doesn’t stay in my wallet very long and I love shopping there!! Expect to see more about it in my Instagram story.

Stop #3: This morning, I hastily ransacked my closet for items to donate to Goodwill this morning, on National Thrift Store Day. Sadly I could only scrounge together 1 bag, because a couple weeks ago I donated 8 bags of stuff, so my closet was slim pickin’s. Not only that, I totally forgot to give it to the OBT Goodwill that I was touring this morning. So I had to add a 3rd stop to my Thrift Store tour today. I stopped at the Salvation Army to donate my measly bag of items. The Salvation Army is exactly 2 minutes from my work, so it was incredibly convenient to donate there. I usually try to divide my donations up and give them to Goodwill, Salvation Army and also my local Boys and Girls Club thrift store. You can’t go wrong with any of those options!!

With all that information for ya, it’s back to the cosplay. Here’s my Dorothy:

Thrift Store Cosplay Day 17 Dorothy from Wizard of Oz

Shirt from Goodwill

Skirt from The Whirl and Twirl Square Dance Club’s Annual Skirt Sale

Shoes from Plato’s Closet

Thrift Store Cosplay Day 17 Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz fashion blog post


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