Thrift Store Cosplay Day 18

Thrift Store Cosplay fashion blogger nerd post Instagram challenge

Day 18: Van Pelt from Jumanji

JUMANJI! Who else desperately wanted to find the Jumanji game and open up their own jungle Pandora’s box as a kid? No? Just me then?

This is one of those timeless Robin Williams movies that I used to LOVE watching and now find it quite difficult to watch, only because all Robin Williams movies make me hella emotional. And while I am interested in the new Jumanji as a movie that looks funny, (and I always enjoy the Rock) for me…there is one Jumanji and one Jumanji only and it has the incomparable Robin Williams.

What about you? Did you see the trailer for the new Jumanji? What did you think?

Ps…I really like saying the word Jumanji! Here’s my take on the OG Jumanji villain and super baddie, Van Pelt (I left the big guns at home):

Thrift Store Cosplay Day 18 Van Pelt from Jumanji villain fashion blog post

Hat from my dad’s hat collection

Tie Pin from Dechoes Resale

Black Shirt, Tan Shirt, Red Tie, Belt, Shorts and Boots all from Goodwill

Thrift Store Cosplay Day 18: Van Pelt from Jumanji fashion blog post villain flat lay


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