30 Days of Nerdy Hair

Day 18 – Princes Leia

Today’s inspiration comes from the original icon of geekery. The girl all little girls born after 1977 wanted to be. Princess Leia Organa (from any of the original Star Wars trilogy.) And I know you expected the buns, but I always liked her hair from Return of the Jedi, while she was on the forest moon of Endor.

Start with a bit of light tan colored twine.


Braid it into you hair at the top of your head. Start from the right side and pull the braid over to the left side and pin it. So it gives a sort of headband look.


Then, if your hair is long enough, extend the braid down the left side of your head and let it fall with your natural hair. If your hair isn’t long enough, create a second braid with the twine and let it fall in with the rest of your hair.


I also went ahead and slept with it in braids the night before to give it that texture.



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